Look to the sky for the Tassie Wedge Tailed Eagle

28 May 2018

Dr Claire Hawkins is looking to the sky (pictured left). Photo by Justin Smith.

Where Where Wedgie calls for everyone's eyes to help count Tasmania's eagles, and - over the years - track how the numbers are changing. 

Eagles encounter many threats, but there are efforts to protect them too. Coordinated by the Bookend Trust, this project involves eagle experts, educators, a wildlife statistician and many more, young and old. 

"I was well aware that they were threatened long before I came into my job as threatened species zoologist. Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles suffer from an awful range of threats. Firstly, the fact that they’re such shy nesters gets them into terrible trouble.

It's rare for them to nest anywhere that isn’t sheltered by thick forest, so this limits how many can be supported in Tasmania," says Tasmanian Churchill Fellow Claire Hawkins who is involved with running a crowd-funding campaign to track and record the eagles behaviours and numbers.

If they’re approached during the breeding season - even from hundreds of metres away - they can easily desert their egg or chick for long enough that it gets taken by predators. Yet this can often happen to them, because many people don’t know where there’s a nest or that disturbance is a big issue.

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We hope Claire will be able to give us a positive update on the results of this study at the 2019 Convention!

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