Visit COMA a museum of medical artefacts at the Convention

30 May 2018


Churchill Fellow Dr Philip Thomson has been determined to preserve the medical heritage of Tasmania and collecting items which demonstrate the history of health from the convict era through to today.

Philip has visited medical history museums around Australia and overseas and in 1996 travelled to the US and UK on a Churchill Fellowship studying the management of medical history collections and how they may be presented as relevant and interesting.

Philip has been the custodian of the COMA collection for many years and all of his efforts have culiminated in establishing COMA which was opened by Dr Brendan Nelson in early March 2018.

The 3000 piece Collection of Medical Artefacts (COMA) has finally found a home at the Jane Franklin College in Hobart after years sitting in storage.

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Dr Brendan Nelson opens COMA pictured with Dr Philip Thomson

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